“Traditional” Empanadas


* 1 1/2 pounds of Ground Turkey or Ground Beef
* 6 T. Taco Seasoning
* 8 oz. Tomato Sauce
* 3/4 c. Shredded Taco Blend Cheese or Cheddar
* 10 Empanada Discs, defrosted (usually found in the frozen section)
* Vegetable Oil, for frying OR Cooking Spray if you’re using an Air Fryer


* Salsa
* Pico de Gallo
* Guacamole
* Sour Cream
* Hot Sauce


1. Place a medium sized pan over medium heat.
2. Add in the meat and break it up so it can cook evenly.
3. After the meat is evenly distributed, add in the taco seasoning, mix all together, and cover the pan.
4. Once the meat is almost completely browned, about 10-12 minutes, add in the tomato sauce, stir, and cover for 4 minutes.
5. Once the meat is completely cooked, remove the pan from the heat and stir in the cheese and place the filling mixture in a bowl.
6. Create a workspace to fill the empanadas; you’ll need a large cutting board, a fork, a large tablespoon, and a large dish to place the completed empanadas on.

Empanada Discs & Filling

7. Place the discs onto the cutting board. Place a large tablespoon full of filling in the center of each disc.
8. Fold the empanada into a half moon and crimp the sides together with a fork.
9. Place the completed empanadas between the wax paper that came with the discs.
10. Repeat steps 7-9 until empanadas are completed and place in the fridge to make them easier to handle.

To Fry in Oil:

1. Heat oil in a large shallow pan.
2. Place empanadas in the pan and cook for 8-10 minutes. Then flip. Cook for another 8 minutes or until golden brown on both sides.

To Air Fry:

1. Preheat the air fryer to 350 degrees.
2. Spray empanadas liberally with cooking spray and arrange batches of empanadas in the air fryer.
3. Cook for 13-15 minutes. Be sure to flip empanadas halfway through cooking.