It All Starts at Home

Sitting down to a meal with the people you love is something so special. I do however know that it’s incredibly difficult for a lot of families to do this on a daily basis in today’s world.

Throughout my years as a teacher, I saw first hand how hard it was for working parents to spend time with their families, let alone cook and sit down to a nutritious meal with them.

Here at Mommy Made Meals, my mission is to provide you with tasty, home cooked recipes made with real ingredients, that don’t take too much time away from those that matter most.

As previously stated, I know that eating together isn’t a reality for some families, all of the time. Even if it’s just one meal a week, sitting down together can instill strong family values and create happy memories that can be joyfully remembered for years to come.

It all starts at home.

I truly believe that a strong bond between a family can (eventually) make everything right with the world. Though it seems impossible for me to believe right now, life will get even more hectic as the world turns. I want my family to know that no matter what kind of [crazy, hectic, stressful] day they have, that they can always count on a delicious meal, made with love to come home to. That’s my job.

It brings me comfort to know that I provide for my husband, and will eventually provide for my children, a nutritious, home cooked meal. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


In all seriousness though, it is so important to provide children with a strong sense of home. That love and consistency has so many benefits. Children thrive when presented with a structured home life; it’s comforting. Planning a home cooked family meal every once in a while can add to or become a tradition that your family will grow to look forward to and count on day in and day out.

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