My Culinary Point of View

I’m not sure if I was born with an adoration of food just because I’m Italian, but sure…I’ll chalk it up to that fact. I’m 100% Italian (until a DNA test proves otherwise), so I feel that I was born with a love of food (and garlic; lots and lots of garlic) surging through my veins.

Christmas Day Antipasto

For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to food. To me, food can be comforting, fun, and obviously delicious; if not, then why bother?? I’ve always loved that food brings people together. It’s something that all languages understand and can make almost any situation better.

My take on cooking is something to the effect of “show your (insert emotion here) through food.” This is why I love to cook so much. I can express how I feel in a delicious way. Showing love, gratitude, sympathy, happiness etc. is all made easier with something made from the heart.

Back to my Italian roots. Growing up, I was brought up on spoiled by Sunday gravy dinners, only the best Italian bread from Queens, and big family meals around a large table, with a folding table at the end. Due to this fact, I tend to cook for WAY more people than I have sitting at my table. Yay, leftovers!! This is definitely the Italian in me. So naturally, my culinary point of view leans in that direction.

Gravy with meatballs, spicy sausage, and Cavatappi topped with fresh shaved Locatelli Pecorino Romano and crushed red pepper

With that being said, my culinary POV definitely begins with STRONG Italian roots. I LOVE to branch out and play with flavors of cultures around the world.

Cooking a new food is both a lesson and an experience for me. I savor (pun semi-intended) new recipes because I am able to add to my culinary repertoire and see other cultures in a new light. I enjoy learning about different cultures through recipes, and aspire to explore and experience as many of them as I can, firsthand one day.

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  1. Danika says:

    Love your blog! Can’t wait for more!

    Good luck!


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